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I am a failed expectation. That’s what my life has dwindled down to. My mother said she resented me for not turning out how she expected, after spending money on me for years. I’m 28 years old and I still live with my mom, I work a minimum wage job…

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Mira walked through the rubble, following the scent of ginger that loomed in the air to its source. She wasn’t too concerned about what she might find, friendly or not. Just the slightest possibility of another human being she could talk to was enough to wash away any caution within…

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Humans birthed culture, and culture influences how we see and move through the world. It provides a map for different aspects of life, such as, gender and sexuality. How we are expected to define these two aspects are culturally taught to us. The very fact that culture came from humans…

Daphne Leger

I am a Certified Organic Freelance Writer and Culture Critic. Follow me on Instagram: @daphnaeyy

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